about us


HippyLuxe has been created by Lorna Garden, who has practised as a dietitian and sports dietitian (Collingwood Football Club & the Australian Cricket Team)  for over 25 years.  More recently, a love of surfing, the outdoors, and overall well-being has inspired an interest in ‘hippy luxe food’ – food that is sustainably produced, sold fresh & locally at farmers markets and organic stores, has minimal processing and packaging, but is cleverly and beautifully prepared, presented and enjoyed by everyone.

HippyLuxe is all about inspiring a different way of looking at how to nourish our bodies & minds.  As well as a passion for fresh, sustainable wholefoods that energise & nurture, we also love activities that keep us in the moment, creating overall health & wellness.   



Our recipes are a collection of dishes we make often, and love.  Most are gluten free, many are vegan or have vegan options, and all use organic ingredients and local produce wherever possible.

We don’t follow any particular dietary regime, but love to eat intuitively and enjoy plant based eating, and sharing good food with friends & family. 

We share great food ideas, inspiring recipes, healthy places to eat, and offer unique wellness workshops & retreats in beautiful locations in Australia.